Clever Gifts for the Clever Canadian

Here are a few items that really impressed us and we now share them with you. These items ship with your e-cig order and there is no extra shipping charges. We also carry some amazing iPhone 4 gadgets.

LED Saber Umbrella

As seen in the Sci-Fi Movie "Blade Runner" with Harrison Ford. These are quality umbrellas with a twist. One click of the button and the entire shaft of the umbrella will light up with blue LED lights. The button will cycle through 4 settings: (Off, On, Slow Flash, Strobe Flash). Not only do these things look awesome but they are great for safety. Using the Saber Umbrella will increase your visibility to motorists and others. Or even give you better vision in a dark ally. The LED light continues for 3 inches above the umbrella as well. See the video below for a demo of the lights in action.

These will also make great gifts this Xmas season, but there is a limit of 4 umbrellas per order due to shipping costs. This item can be ordered with any other items and you only pay our $8 flat shipping fee once. Powered by three LR44 button batteries.

The batteries ARE included and can be replaced from your local dollar store. In our town they come in a pack of 5 for only $1.

LED Saber Umbrella
Price: $24.97

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