The general eGo accessories, batteries, and cases are listed here.

The eGo-C system consists of three parts: The atomizer cone, atomizer base, and atomizer head. The cone and base are sold together as a set and the atomizer heads are sold in 5 packs. Other than that the empty eGo-C tanks are the exact same part as the tanks for the eGo-T. All eGo batteries and chargers will work with the eGo-C atomizer set ups.

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eGo-C Replacable atomizer heads - These are the standard 2.2ohm atomizer heads for the eGo-C. Come 5 to a pack. You will require the eGo-C atomizer body to use these atomizer heads. These atomizer heads will work with eGo-C, eCab, eRoll, and eRoll-C.

Box of 5 - standard 2.2 ohms

Low Resistance Version (Higher Powered) - For those looking for a harder hit, these atomizer heads go to eleven. With lower resistance, you get more power. This means more flavor and throat hit. The downside to using Low Resistance (LR) atomizers? They go through a little more e-liquid than a standard atomizer and they have about 3/4 of the lifespan as the standard ones. These atomizer heads will work with eGo-C, eCab, eRoll, and eRoll-C.

Box of 5 - Low Resistance 1.8 ohms (High Powered)
Price: $17.97

eGo-C atomizer body - Includes the atomizer base and cone. You need this part to use the eGo-C changeable atomizer heads (not included with this item).

Includes Base and Cone
Price: $9.97


eGo-C Tank Silicon End Caps- The end caps on your tanks can wear over time. Replace them with these softer and better silicone ones. Sold in a pack of 10.

eGo-C Tank Silicon End Caps - 5 Pack
Price: $0.97

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