Paying with Interac


We can also accept payments by "Interac by Email". This is for Canadian orders only.

To do this, you must already use Online banking. Just log into your online bank and select transfer funds. You will see an option for Interac eTransfer. From there all you need is the info below.

Payment to:

Question: What country are we in?

Answer/ Password: Canada (Capitals do not matter as the password is not case sensitive). 

Notes: Your order number.

Once we accept the payment, the transfer is instant. Your order will ship within 24 hours.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can phone NicFitNation at: 604-989-2740 or email:

Click Here for a Demo of using Interac by email








Paying with Crypto Currencies


Please email us first with your order number to let us know a crypto payment is coming in.

Here are our receive addresses. Ensure you are sending the correct currency to the corresponding address or your payment can be lost on the blockchain forever.


BitCoin (BTC): 16h4KiSaN47YHCi74nXxm6zR6wwFbCmnzu

LiteCoin (LTC): Li6nkt7q3qgrCXPNzR45iLjjZzTaHKrABM

Ethereum (ETH): 0x97dcbfC79ae6a89b9B2907Ff4E9bc3740b77B70D

Dash (DASH): XpLGZr9cdASq35ckzFD62x5M1CH4HaE7KV