Nic Salts eLiquid


Nic Salt eLiquids are a little different that all the other standard eLiquids. These contain higher nicotine content and only to by used in small devices, like the Aspire Breeze or the Kanger eSmart. Do not use these eLiquid in Sub Ohm tanks.

The base of Nic Salt eLiquids is the same as standard eLiquid, but the nicotine differs. Nic Salt nicotine is derived from the tobacco leaf and is more acidic than synthetic nicotine. This make is much smoother to vape as it eliminates the throat hit harness created by vaping the more basic nicotine found in standard eLiquids.

We have flavors from AllDay Vapor, Mr. Salt-E, and Naked brands.

Nic Salts are a great option for new customers that still smoke cigarettes, but not for cloud chasers with big box mods.

30ml Bottle Nic Salt eLiquid
Price: $21.97


What are Nicotine Salts?