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Kanger ProTanks

The latest from the good carto people at Kanger. Keeping things clean and pure by utilizing pyrex glass and metal parts instead of plastic. This makes the ProTank more durable and resistant to acidic e-liquids. Matches up with the eVic nicely, but can be used on eGo twist batteries as well. 2.5ml of juice capacity and changeable bottom coils make this a must have in your vaping repertoire.

The Kanger ProTank II - The newest version of the ProTank. The same liquid capacity and benefits of the original ProTank, but with a stronger base and now all the pieces come apart for easy cleaning.
Kanger ProTank II set
Price: $22.97

The Kanger Mini ProTank II - The mini version of the ProTank II for smaller batteries like the eGo or iTaste V3. 1.5ml liquid capacity. This set includes 2 atomizer heads (1.8ohm and 2.2ohm)
Kanger ProTank Mini II set
Price: $15.97

Spare Parts

Replacement Atomizer Heads - These will work in the ProTank, ProTank II, and the ProTank mini II. Come in all 1.5, 1.8, 2.2, or 2.5ohms resistance. Will also fit with Unitank and eVod.
Pack of 5
Price: $9.97

The Kanger ProTank II Pyrex Glass Tube - Break Yours? Now you can replace just the glass tube to save money. Select either full size or mini size. Sold Singly.

Kanger ProTank Glass Tube
Price: $2.97

The Kanger ProTank Decorative Ring - This part gives your ProTank or ProTank II that sleek look on smaller batteries like the eGo and the iTaste. Sold singly; ring only. Other parts shown in the picture are not included. This part is not for the ProTank mini.
Kanger ProTank Decorative Ring
Price: $1.47

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