Joye Tech 306 Atomizers and Drip Tips


These 306 atomizers and Drip tips are for the hardcore vapers. They kick like a mule, giving you more vapor and a bigger hit. This is a Low Resistance 1.5 ohm atomizer and can only be used on batteries with at least 600 mAh of power, so they are not suitable for a standard 510 ecig. They work great on an eGo battery or any other 3.7 volt mod. The thread will fit any 510 thread size. Due note that the 306 atomizer does need it's own drip tip. What does Low Resistance mean?


JoyTech 306 Low Res atomizer

Single 306 LR atomizerThis is just the atomizer; you will need a drip tip or pack of cartridges as well. Comes with plastic dummy cap on top for shipping.
Price: $8.97

306 Cartridges - 5 Pack - Only come in black; these have the filler inside so you don't have to drip as often. Just pull the cartridge off your 306 atomizer and drip into the fill. Each one is individual wrapped and comes with a rubber plug for travel.
Price: $1.97

Clear 306 Tube Drip Tips in 12 colours: These are slightly transparent so you can see the liquid inside.

Single Plastic 306 Drip Tip
Price: $0.25


Hand Made Pyrex Glass drip tips the 306 atomizer

Pyrex Glass Drip tip for 306
Price: $15.97 each

Quick Start Guide to the 306 LR atomizer:
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