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After the great response from our Special Gift Items, we decided to continue to expand and now carry some great items for users of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

You can also purchase these items from our sister site: www.SmartHoser.com

iPhone 4 / 4S Smart Keyboard Case


Sometimes you just need a physical keyboard for that serious texting and tweeting. This iPhone case will add a full Qwerty keyboard. Whenever you need it, just slide it out. Runs off it's own rechargeable battery so it won't be a power drain on your iPhone4. Connects completely wireless through Bluetooth, you only need to pair it up once and it will always be ready for use.

(phone in picture not included)


iPhone4 Keyboard Case features:

  • This is the new model with a back lit keyboard
  • Durable ABS Plastic casing to keep your phone secure
  • Thin design that complements the iPhone style
  • Soft rubberized texture for grip and comfort
  • Bluetooth V2.0 compatibility
  • Built in rechargeable 180mAh battery
  • On/off switch on bottom if you want to save power
  • You can connect to iTunes with the case on
  • Takes less than a minute to install and set-up
  • Weight: 81 grams / Dimensions: 116 mm X 61mm X 18mm
  • USB charging cable included (same cable that charges our iPhone Battery Case)


iPhone 4 / 4S Keyboard Case
Sale Price: $9.97


iPhone 4 / 4S Retro Cassette Case

Get you retro vibe on with this stylish iPhone4 case. Made from soft silicon to protect you phone from bumps and drops. All buttons and ports are accessible with the case on. Also offers great screen protection with the front bumper.

(phone in picture not included)


iPhone 4 / 4S Silicon Cassette Case
Price: $1.97

Telescope for iPhone 4 and 4S

Ever try taking a picture using the digital zoom on your iPhone? Look all grainy and terrible? To avoid this you need to use an optical zoom with an actual lens. This item will provide you with an 8X optical zoom lens. The telescope lens will also give you the proper wide angle view. Suitable for just viewing an object or using your iPhone camera to take photos or video.


The iPhone telescope comes with:

  • One Telescope
  • Back plate phone case to attach the lens
  • Wrist Strap
  • Cleaning cloth


Telescope for iPhone 4 / 4S
Price: $4.97


Touch Screen Capacitive Smart Gloves

Any Canadian with a touch screen phone knows the difficulty of using your phone in outdoors in the cold. With some phones, you can't even answer a call without having to touch the screen. This can be quite the juggle trying to get your gloves off in time without dropping your phone in the snow.

Smart Hoser turned to our Japanese friends for help and they have designed a stylish glove with capacitive material in the thumb and first two finger tips. This will allow you full use of your touch screen while keeping your gloves on. Even suitable for texting on an iPhone if you don't have our iPhone Keyboard case.

Touch Screen Gloves Features:

  • For Men or Ladies
  • One Size fits most
  • Will work on any brand touch screen phone or tablet
  • Can use all features like zooming with 3 touching fingers
  • Material: Acrylic fiber with silver filigree
  • Silver is antimicrobial and provides a barrier to public dirt and germs


One Pair
Price: $4.97


iPhone and iPad button stickers


Since you own the most popular cell phone in the world, you might as well personalize it. These nifty button sticker come in a pack of 6 and are available in three different design themes. There is the Nation flags for the worldly traveler, Happy Faces for the joker, and some black and white designs for the artsy. These stickers are rounded on top making the iPhone button easier to click. Will fit any generation of iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

We do not recommend these if you keep your phone in a tight leather holster or the button can get pressed by the case.


iPhone Button Stickers - $5.47 per six pack

iPhone Button Stickers
Price: $2.97

Picture of my iPhone 4 with the Retro Cassette Case, Button Sticker, and fake diamond dust cap:

Picture of my iPhone 4 with Smart Battery case, Crystal Button Sticker and Crystal ear phone cover:

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