e-Liquids with Nicotine


Here at the Nation, we offer both regular e-liquids for pen style eCigs as well as the thicker "Max VG" e-liquids for the big sub ohm tanks.

For standard pen style eCigs we offer 3 lines of regular e-liquid from JC Classic and VIP eJuice.

Max VG lines from VIP, Fortuna, White Out, Sugoi, and VapeTime. These are thicker eLiquids with 70 - 100% VG base. Having more VG creates the thicker whiter clouds for those whole like "Cloud Chasing". Max VG flavors are much smoother with little or no throat hit and only come in a lower 3 to 6 mg nicotine range.




Regular e-Liquids



JC Classic

Regular VG / 12, 18, and 24mg



VIP (Vancouver Island Premium)

Regular VG / 12 and 18mg





Max VG e-Liquids



Max VG / 3 and 6mg



Sugoi / Fortuna

Max VG / 3mg

White Out

Max VG / 3 and 6mg



Big Bottles (60ml, 100ml, 120ml)