My Personal Quitting Smoking Journal Blog - Backstory

Hello all and welcome to my daily blog about quitting smoking using E-Cigs. I'm am 35 years old and have been smoking since I was 15. Twenty years strait, about 15-20 cigarettes per day on average. I have quit a few times during the twenty years, using the patch mostly. I once made it almost 6 months smoke free, but eventually began smoking again.

I have heard of E-Cigs a few times in the past, but they looked like just another quit smoking gimmick; so I didn't think twice about them. But, then I started watching some reviews of them on you tube, and was getting intrigued by them. Nothing but positive stories out there, I couldn't find anyone who tried E-Cigs, then when back to tobacco cigarettes.  So, I starting poking around the net checking them out. Soon after, I was catching up with an old friend on Face Book and I mentioned that I was interested in quiting smoking using E-Cigs. This friend of mine that says, he actually works for a manufacture of E-Cigs! He ends up express mailing me a couple samples (a 901 auto unit and a 510 manual) with some blank cartridges and 2 bottles of E-Liquid (both tobacco flavor, a medium 18mg and a high 24mg)

I continue to research E-Cigs as I await the few days for my sample E-Cigs to arrive by mail. I am getting more and more excited as I start to really believe that these things might actually work and get me off these nasty tobacco cigarettes.

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Nicotine - All The Facts and Benifits ?

I thought, since Nicotine is the one thing from a tobacco cigarette that you still do when you smoke E-Cigs; I would really like to know all the facts on nicotine. After searching around the net and reading many sources, I found this one to be the most concise:


This link is goes to, they are the rights to this material.


Carl V. Phillips (curriculum vitae), Associate Professor in the University of Alberta Department of Public Health Sciences, and his research group

Brad Rodu (curriculum vitae), Professor of Medicine, Endowed Chair, Tobacco Harm Reduction Research at the University of Louisville.


My E-Cig Blog

I am going to record my progress from Day one on Electronic Cigarettes Here. I will take videos starting with the unboxing of different E-Cig products. Watch a lifetime smoker quit in front of your eyes.

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