The Original Budder Ball™


This atomizer can be used on any eGo or eGo Twist battery. Can also be used on the eVic, iTaste, or eLVT, but you will only need a standard voltage for these as they are meant for the standard 3.3 to 3.7 Volts of eGo batteries.

Removable glass dome for easy loading and cleaning. Ceramic bowl to hold the herbal wax, dabs, or kief of your choice. Now available in the Budder Ball™, Shatter Skull, and Stealth Stick shapes.

Not intended to be used with drugs or any other illegal substances.

This item has been discontinued due to the popularity of the Yocan eVolve Plus device. We no longer stock the ball or stick shapes, but continue to stock the replacement atomizer coils. We do still have stock on the skull shape. All parts on clearance sale.

Single Budder Ball™ Atomizer - Choose your glass shape with the drop down menu.

Budder Ball™
Sale Price: $5.97
Glass Shape:

Full Budder Ball™ Kit

The Budder Ball™ Kit Includes:
  • 1 eGo USB Flashlight Battery (Genuine VapeOnly)
  • 1 Micro USB Charging Cable
  • 2 Glass Atomizers
  • 2 Replacement Atomizer Heads
  • BONUS: 1 eGo Carry Case
  • BONUS: 1 silicone container (35mm round)

Budder Ball™ Kit
Sale Price: $49.97
Battery Color:
Case Colour:
Glass Shape:
Add a 2nd Battery ($20 add-on):

Replacement Atomizer Heads - The Atomizer heads will eventually burn out or just get too gunky to use every few weeks or so. Replace them on the cheap without having to replace all the other parts. Will work with Budder Ball™, Shatter Skull, Stealth Stick, Budder Bong, and Budder Bong tall. Sold in a pack of 5. Add $5 and you can upgrade them to dual coil atomizer heads for those looking for very powerful hits (The dual coil heads should only be used with the water attachments below as they burn much hotter).

Budder Ball Atomizer Heads 5pk.
Sale Price: $5.97

Budder Bong Water Attachments

Yes, Yes that is a glass water attachment for your eCig. Works with any eGo style eCig battery.
Fully compatible with our Budder Ball™, Shatter Skull, and Stealth Stick base and their atomizer heads.

  • 1 Water Pipe
  • 1 Budder Ball™ Base
  • 1 Budder Ball™ atomizer head
  • BONUS: 1 extra Budder Ball™ atomizer head

The eGo USB battery shown in the picture is not included.

Budder Bong Water Attachment
Price: SOLD OUT / Discontinued

Silicone Containers - Silicone is the best way to carry around your botanical extracts because it doesn't stick. Our new batch of these is made thicker to prevent your extracts from melting in your pocket. Sold Singly in black only. 35mm diameter version shown in picture.
The 35ml size are sold out until March 2016.
Silicone Container
Price: $2.47

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